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Ducklings & Mini Turtle Classes

We have new availability in our Friday Duckling lessons and Mini Turtle classes with Zoe who has extensive experience of teaching babies and young swimmers.

Duckling Lessons


These lessons are the perfect introduction to swimming and ideal to set young people up for continued enjoyment in the pool. Learn how to float, blow bubbles, kick and gain invaluable water orientation through guided discovery. If you are nervous in the pool with a young one then this is the perfect opportunity to gain confidence; these lessons are equally valuable for both child and guardian. Classes range from 4 months-3 years old.

Available Sessions




Mini Turtles Classes

Mini Turtles

Once children reach 3 years old the guardians can take a step back. Mini Turtles classes are designed to lead onto the National plan for teaching swimming, giving children an opportunity to experience swimming away from their guardian. The pool area is generally much quieter during this time, allowing the children to feel more comfortable and benefiting from a happy learning space.

Available Sessions