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Important Club News

The Park Club Sketch

I write with some important news regarding the development of The Park Club. During it’s fifteen years of operation the Club has seen some significant developments including the addition of the sports dome, the major refurbishment of the gymnasium and MediSpa as well as most recently the downstairs WCs.

Whilst these changes befit a Club of the Park Club’s standing, we believe that for the long term future of the Club more significant developments are required.

On this basis, the Club is due to submit a planning application to significantly increase the size and quality of the facilities and services available to members.

The major intended changes include:

  • The addition of another floor;
  • An extension over the existing outdoor pool to incorporate brand new larger changing rooms as well as separate adult only (second) indoor pool;
  • A brand new 50m outdoor pool;
  • Expansion of the existing Ark in The Park crèche to provide a new mix of childcare services;
  • Conversion of the existing sports fields to the north east of the Club to G3 surface with low level flood lighting for expansion of sports provision.

These changes will provide circa 35% more indoor space at the club allowing us to present more functional and luxurious areas in all aspects of the Club. Our intention is to further evolve the unique family attributes of the club, whilst simultaneously providing superior adult only facilities and services. As an example, we intend for the lower ground floor of the Park to be dedicated to adult only spa, beauty therapy facilities, whereas we provide two new areas between the Ark in The Park and half of the new top floor for children’s indoor play, crèche, activities and sport.

These plans explain why we have committed to a “rejuvenation” of the current changing rooms, rather than full refurbishment and why we have been holding back on areas such as the bar and restaurant, although some works are still planned.

Our plan for these major developments is to create new zones in advance to closing existing zones. This way disruption can be kept to an absolute minimum. As an example, we would build the new 50 metre pool at the back of the existing outdoor pool before commencing work on the extension over the existing 25m outdoor pool.

At this point we can share an artists impression of the Club of the future along with:



These plans are due to be submitted to Ealing Council in May 2015. Until we know what permission will be granted we can only speculate to timeframes for these developments. Accordingly we would will wait for news on permission before we fully engage with members in how we can best best utilise the additional space and the timings for these developments.

The Park Club Aerial View