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Million Calorie Winner

Beautiful Winner


The opening weeks to 2017 saw Park Club members group together in the pool, the gym, the studios and the great outdoors. The goal was simple; to kick off the New Year in heart-pumping style and combine to burn off those much enjoyed Christmas calories. One million of them.

The average pace required was more than 9000 calories a day. At the beginning we fell a little behind where we need to be to reach our target. We had some catching up to do. As the month went on the recruitment process intensified. We needed bodies off the settee and prepared to get sweaty. We made sure the keys were in the machines and whether it was cycled, swam or jogged those exercises had to be logged.

 As the final week approached we realised we had a chance of reaching our goal and that only pushed people to further exertion. And then with a day to go I checked the system to discover that we had done it. One million calories left in our wake. Just like that, mission accomplished!

There was also a prize to be had. Two tickets to the smash hit musical Beautiful. All the participants went into a hat for a random draw and the winner was Jura Junnila. Well done, very well deserved, enjoy the show!

Million Calories