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Our adult swim session is for members who would like to improve their technique and fitness. We incorporate H.I.I.T as well as strength and endurance, allowing swimmers to reap the many benefits of swimming as a total body workout. Swimmers must be able to swim 400 metres continuously in less than 10 minutes, to keep the lanes running smoothly.

Swimming is one of the few exercises that works all the major muscle groups at once, meaning there is a high calorific usage. Comparable to running, swimming a fast front crawl for 30 mins can burn up to 405 calories.

Other benefits of swimming are  low impact on joints. Swimming uses water as resistance so as well as a cardiovascular work out, swimmers can see improved toning to their core, upper back, arms, shoulders and glutes. Used in combination with weight bearing, dry-land exercise swimming is one of the most efficient types of exercise. 

Swimming is a skill based exercise, allows for an improvement in both fitness and technique, with small attainable goals leading to a sense of achievement, improved self confidence and self esteem.

1 to 1 Swimming Lessons

Our team of coaches are available for 1-2-1 lessons, if you are a total beginner or have a fear of water then this is where you should start. Great for those that are planning on swimming in an open water event, as it allows the coach to tailor the session to suit your personal requirements.

Water phobia

Aquaphobia is a persistent anxiety or fear of water. There are varying degrees of fear, from people that are that are not confident enough to put their head under the water, through to people that have a fear of a body of water that poses no imminent threat. This anxiety can also extend to being splashed unexpectedly or even being unable to put ones face under the shower. 

Our coaches treat each individual according to their level of discomfort, my opinion is that you should not practice struggle. The initial focus for new swimmers is confidence, starting with a discussion about previous traumatic experiences, behavioural patterns and negative feelings, I try to empower people with knowledge. Starting slowly from the pool edge, progressing to movement, submersion, buoyancy and finally technique a non swimmer can begin to enjoy the water.


Are people who do not have a fear of water, but also do not have sufficient technique to swim more than one or two lengths without getting out of breath. A good majority will fall into two categories, poor buoyancy caused by incorrect body position. Or a build up of CO2 in the bloodstream caused by ineffective breathing, usually holding breath or failing to exhale fully. By carrying out a series of deliberate practices, with an understanding of why we do so, clients can begin to improve their swimming. I always encourage my students to ask HOW? and WHY? this constant reinforcement of ideas helps them to sink in.


For those that can already swim well and are perhaps trying to shave a few seconds off their olympic triathlon pace, or have entered a masters gala. I provide training programmes, advice on stroke rate, critical swim speed (C.S.S), race pacing, draughting and sighting as well as technical improvements. The best way to service this is with video stroke analysis.

Video analysis

For many people information is easier absorb if you have various stimulants. With a coach poolside it is at times difficult to visualise what the coach is expecting of you, also where you may be making mistakes. Video analysis can remove ambiguities perhaps lost in translation, allowing you to focus in on the strengths and weaknesses of your technique.

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