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A Kettlebell is a rounded weight used for fitness and conditioning that differs from barbell plates and dumbbells by having an off centre mass due to the handle arrangement.

A Kettlebell was an ancient scale weight dating back to pre-recorded history that was adapted for fitness during modern times. Originally used as a precise measure of weight (with a handle to make it easy to lift), it is now part of the greater trend of functional fitness, and even has its own Sport - Valery Fedorenko (head coach

Benefits of Kettlebell training

  • -Kettlebells emphasise muscle integration, as opposed to muscle isolation, working the body as a complete unit
  • -Enhanced athleticism - flexibility, coordination, balance etc
  • -Work the aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously
  • - Kettlebell training is great for women who wish to add resistance exercise to their regime and allows for strength of the Incredible Hulk without the incredible bulk. Yes, you can have a strong lean body and still look like a woman!
  • -Gain high levels of cardiovascular conditioning
  • -Strengthening of the entire posterior chain (protecting your back)
  • -Improve your Core strength
  • -Lean & functional muscle mass (with or without adding size)
  • -High intensity workouts in short periods of time
  • -Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)
  • -Weight loss (fat loss) helping you to reach your ideal weight
  • -Injury prevention
  • -Mental toughness
  • -“EPOC” or after burn effect, your metabolic rate will continue to be raised for several hours post exercise
  • -Sport and combat applications
  • -It’s fun!

Park Club personal trainer Tony Stapleton (photo) is a IKFF CKT (certified kettlebell teacher and kettlebell pentathlon athlete. Here at the Park Club we can offer you:

- A complimentary 1 hour professional Kettlebell Induction to get you started using kettlebells safely and with correct technique (including a workout to continue on with). You will gain the knowledge to then participate in a kettlebell class.

- Kettlebell toning and conditioning classes – Wednesday 10am(completing your complimentary induction is recommended prior to attending).

- The opportunity to train with kettlebells at a more advanced level, to enhance your chosen sport or fitness goal, help you to regain lost functionality of the body or to participate in a Kettlebell pentathlon (

Clothing and footwear

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Shoes should have a flat solid heal, such as plimsoles or converse shoes, but bare foot is also okay. Due to the cushioned heal, running trainers are not suitable for kettlebell training.

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