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Zumba is dance based aerobic fitness class which fuses latin rhytms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness programme you’ll just love. Latin and international music are fused to create an explosive, booty shaking party of a workout.

Here at The Park Club, near Chiswick, our Zumba classes have been designed for beginners who wish to try the class for the very first time all the way to an advance level if you are a regular Zumba attendee.

Why is Zumba so affective?

Zumba has taken the world by storm, being one of most popular fitness crazes. It incorporates fun dance routines into an intense cardiovascular workout with the average person burning upwards of 600 calories in a Zumba class helping shed unwanted weight whilst keeping your cardiovascular system in top condition. And the best part? You won’t even notice the effort it requires to burn this many calories.

Moving your body to the rhythm of music and making compound movements such as squats and twists engage all of your muscles giving you a full-body workout that tones and sculpts your entire body.

Unlike most methods of exercise, Zumba doesn’t just offer great results in health and fitness. The fact that Zumba is based around music and dance means that you will overcome any boredom experienced while exercising by participating in upbeat and fun Zumba routines. If you like music then there’s no question you’ll love the energetic atmosphere of a Zumba class.

Who is Zumba for?

Zumba is perfect for all ages as it integrates the fun of music and dancing with exercise, three things that all age groups should enjoy together. Zumba is not just for younger people. It is only a hard-hitting, high intensity workout if you make it so and push yourself hard. It can also be enjoyed by older members of the fitness world and helps keep muscles and joints strong and supple.

Research has proved that exercising releases mood-improving endorphins in your brain which fight depression and boredom and give you that ‘feel-good factor’ when you exercise and studies support the fact that cardiovascular exercise such as dancing releases the highest amount of endorphins in your body. Give Zumba a try today !

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