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Giving your children the opportunity to express themselves through dance.

Street dance, formally know as vernacular dance, refers to a dance style that evolved outside of dance studios. There are various forms and these include; break dance, Popping, Locking, Top Rocking, Foot work and Freezes.

Hip Hop as a culture movement began in the Bronx in New York city. During the early 1980's certain aspects of the culture began spreading into the mainstream population of the USA and by the 1990's Hip Hop had spread throughout the world.

Society Dance is a collection of Professional enthusiastic individuals who work together to create a society passionate about all forms of Street Dance and Hip Hop. Our goal is to use Street & Hip Hop dance as a key tool to inspire and motivate young people.


Street & Hip Hop (6+ YRS) Every Saturday 13.30pm - 14.30pm (beginners/Intermediate)

Structured dance class designed for young people 6 years and above

In this class we focus on developing technique, musicality, co-ordination and confidence in all street dance styles as well helping the children understand the history of each dance style and focusing on perfecting technique and performance.

During each class the Society Dance tutor will focus on developing student's creativity, confidence and the group will work towards developing choreography for performances.

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