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The Park Club is part of The Hogarth Group of clubs, a family owned business with a mission to provide the ultimate clubs for health, fitness, sports and relaxation. Set in 27 acres of private grounds, and just a few minutes from Chiswick High Road, West London, there is nowhere quite like The Park Club.


Whatever your age, fitness or inclination towards health and exercise, we believe we have the quality and choice of facilities, services and staff to motivate, coach and entertain you and your children all year round.

We recognise that there are times when you want to be together as a family and times when you need space and time for yourself. Accordingly, the Club provides facilities and services for children only, adults only and for the family together.

Core Values

In all that we do we have an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. From swimming lessons to a cappuccino, our aim will always be to provide it at an excellent standard. We expect our staff to always be professional, self-disciplined, know exactly what their job demands and carry out their duties smartly, diligently and promptly. We are an inclusive organisation, with every member of staff having the chance to prove themselves and rise up the ladder. We are also inclusive in our relations with members. Finally, we must retain a sense of humour and some humility.

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