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The Park Club Tennis programme offers opportunities for players of all levels and age to play social tennis right through to internal and external competitive leagues. There are regular social and fun events which often follow a tournament: Download The Park Club 2017 Tennis Events Calendar HERE.


All of the classes on our tennis timetable, either social or drills, will be suited to a certain level of player. If you require our coaches to assess your suitability for one of our classes please come along to a class that you believe matches your ability level. Our coach will then be able to tell you if this is the right class for you and, if not, what class you should be attending. We do try to ensure that there are classes that everybody can come along to, both daytime and evening, that will best match your ability and therefore increase your satisfaction when taking part.


Throughout the week we offer a host of Drill and Social classes. Classes take part in the Morning, afternoon and Evening in an attempt to provide at least one class for members to attend. Shane, Bob, James and Bridie our highly qualified coaches, take the classes and can be found in the adult bar immediately prior to the class commencing as a meeting point. The emphasis here is on social tennis.


With our association to the Lawn Tennis Association, Park Club members who register as British Tennis Members can be ranked both within and outside of the Club.

The Club provides a host of opportunities to compete against Park Club members of all levels as well as external competitions too.

On-line Box League

The Box Leagues commenced in September 2009 and are made up exclusively of Club members. This mixed singles league will allow members to challenge each other and improve their ranking within the club. For details on how to get involved please contact Shane Hurst.

Once you have been allocated to a 'box', you will play your matches against fellow members. Matches can be set up by email (which will remain anonymous) and league members will be given 3 months to play their matches. Each match will produce a winner who will be allocated 1 point and the loser zero points. At the end of the period, to build movement and dynamism to the league, the overall winner of the box will go up 2 boxes and the bottom position player down two boxes. The runner up will climb one box and the second from bottom player fall one box.

Specific prizes will be awarded on a quarterly basis for those players who have participated in the league.

Grand Slam Series Tournaments & Final

The Grand Slam Series tournaments supported by Porsche Centre West London - have been running since 2010 and we're confident that the 2014 series will be as hotly contested as ever. These tournaments are open to both Men and Women and are played through the year coinciding with the 4 majors. The top 8 players who accumulate the most points through the series will then be invited to the Masters Final to decide the Grand Slam Series Winner.

The Grand Slam Tournament matches take place on Friday mornings and dates are published well in advance in our Tennis Calendar. It's well worth taking a day off work to get involved; not only does great prestige come with taking the title but also a fabulous gift from the Porsche Design Driver's Selection.

We have chosen the Australian, French, US and Wimbledon as the four tournament titles as, at the time they were the main international championships held in the only four countries who had won the Davis Cup.

To view a list of final standings for the Grand Slam series 2017 please click HERE

Online tennis updates

Our tennis pros will be regularly updating information online. Look out for coaching promotions, various tennis articles and tournament information, as well as box league results in the articles section of this website, and via our twitter link and Facebook.


Each year the club will host off site visits to major tennis events such as Queens (Stella Artois), Wembley Super Set and The Royal Albert Hall Masters.

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