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Our junior programme is affiliated to the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). The club has a Mini tennis programme that helps introduce juniors into a development and progressive nationwide tennis initiative programme with awards. Additionally, we have the Junior Tennis Academy to help our young up and coming 6 to 10 year olds fulfil their potential; here juniors receive expert coaching guidance, with the full support of the County LTA Junior initiative. Junior players of all levels are invited to join in with our kids tennis tournaments, junior tennis tournaments and parent and child tennis tournaments.

Mini Red

The first stage of Mini-tennis is very important for building skills and confidence. The emphasis is on fundamental sporting skills such as movement and co-ordination, as well as an introduction to rallying and playing the game. Red level is played on a tennis court a quarter of the normal size. It is aimed at children aged between 4 and 6 years of age.

Mini Orange

The second stage of Mini-tennis introduces children to playing on a marked 3/4-length tennis court. The low bounce orange ball is used which slows the game down to a speed that allows players the time to play good, basic tennis shots and have maximum fun playing the game! Age group is approximately 7 to 9 years.

Mini Green

The final stage before children move on to Yellow tennis. Played on a full sized tennis court, the green ball is slightly lower bouncing than a normal tennis ball and helps the children to develop good technique and rally consistently. Physical skills continue to be an important part of lessons. Age group is 10 years and over

Yellow Tennis

Yellow Tennis is for children 11 years and over. It is played on a full size court and we use normal compression yellow balls at this stage. All of the skills previously learnt will now come together giving those taking part the perfect platform to take their game into the adult arena. Provided the players are physically capable a full size racket of 27” is recommended for use in Yellow tennis.

Each coloured stage in the mini tennis programme is further broken down into one of three levels, 3, 2, and 1. Once a child has progressed through the 3 levels within each stage they are then ready for advancement into the next colour class, starting in red, working through orange and then into green. The skills learnt within each stage of mini tennis are used as building blocks for future tennis development, they increase in difficulty as children improve through the stages. The end result of this ensures that children have well programmed skills that are becoming instinctive to nature, thus ensuring a long and happy involvement in tennis.

Individual Coaching:

Individual lessons will be available to all members throughout the year along with professional hitters. Please contact the bookings desk for more information.

Online Box Leagues

Our ON-LINE Box Leagues commenced in the beginning of November 2009. Made up exclusively of Club members this mixed singles league will allow junior members to challenge each other and improve their ranking within the club. For details on how to get involved please contact Shane Hurst.

To view previous Junior tennis results, tournaments and Box League standings, click here.

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