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There are many benefits to the classes that we off here at The Park Club and as an example here are just some of the reasons why we think you should enrol your child in a class today:


Is of the utmost importance in today’s society and with an ever increasingly obese population keeping your child active from an early age is just one way in which you can ensure their continued health through their childhood as they grow into teens and then adults. A solid beginning in sports will prove pivotal to a positive mind-set concerning exercise and continued participation and therefore ongoing health.


Is another key aspect to any person’s life and as with exercise it is important to make this the norm from as early as possible in your child life. All of our classes teach discipline to those attending as the very nature of coaching, instruction, tuition requires a level of discipline from those being taught and this is a philosophy we strive to maintain throughout all of our classes. This said the classes will always have a fun aspect to them whilst still retaining the structure and discipline necessary for them to be a success.

Social skills

Are another vital aspect to the happiness and enjoyment to an individual’s life and life chances. Again we are instrumental in ensuring that all children attending our classes are only too aware of the expectations that will be placed upon them from all areas of life as they grow. We offer a much more informal environment for your children to finely tune the social skills that are going to see them develop into outstanding, well developed and successful adults.


Is vital for anybody taking part in sport and their continued participation. As such we place high importance in the progressive nature of our classes and you can see many examples of this throughout our programme. Gymnastics offers the BAGA awards scheme, swimming stroke and distance badges whilst karate classes have the familiar belt system where several children have already reached black belt status!


In serious sides to our programme with teams, tournaments and competitions on offer throughout the year for children involved in our classes. We have numerous junior tennis teams and leagues, alongside multiple tournaments that run continuously for all of our junior tennis players. Other core sports offer competitions, tournaments or simply the opportunity to show mum and dad what they have been learning through the current term with displays that will end the term in style. Whatever sport it is that your child is involved in you can be sure that at some point they will have the opportunity to either take part in something a little more serious in the form of a competition / match or simply prefer to take part in a demonstration or display to show you all they have learnt. 

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