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Hatha Yoga is a generic term for any type of yoga that uses physical poses; it's the foundation of most other forms of yoga in the western world. Classes that refer to themselves as Hatha tend to be gentle and work through the basic poses, incorporating breathing techniques and meditation, in a controlled manner.

Poses are relatively straight forward, easy tolearn, and performed at an unhurried pace. They tend to be held rather than flowing from one to another which means you get to focus on each posture but there are many variations of classes, depending on the teacher.


Here at The Park Club, near Chiswick our Hatha yoga classes are generally considered to be a great class for beginners or those recovering from injury due to its gentle nature, while still providing a great workout for your body and a very positive effect on stress levels.

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Hatha meets Ashtanga in this class. You will be working within Hatha ‘rules’ but using more dynamic moves to get to each pose. We believe that here at The Park Club, near Chiswick, it's a good idea to get a feel for yoga first by attending a regular Hatha class(es) before attending this one.

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