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Street Dance & Hip Hop

Member type: Young Member

Instructor: Erduan Xhaferi

Location: Studio 1

Level: 6+

Age: 6+

In this class we focus on developing technique, musicality, co-ordination and confidence in all street dance styles. We teach our young students how to interact with other dancers and encourage creativity which makes the class fun to be in. We give your child the opportunity to express themselves through dance. Let us inspire, motivate and educate your children in the world of Street Dance & Hip Hop.

All young people are welcome as class is suitable for beginners & advance performers so your child is in good hands.

Society Dance Crew

Society Dance is a collection of enthusiastic individuals who work together to create a society passionate about all forms of Street & Hip Hop dance.

Society Dance have the experience and knowledge to stand behind their beliefs with over 20 years of performing, competing, teaching, theatre production and TV entertainment.

Director and choreographer Erduan Xhaferi believes dance can be used as tool to positively change people's mind and opinions about each other and to become United within the dance culture. Dance itself is a universal language the everybody understand and can relate too, it removes all barriers between individuals and what they want to communicate. 

Dance creates experiences for young people that will allow them to participate in a range of dance forms and styles, as well as providing them with the experience of performing, confidence and opportunities for leadership roles.

We strive to bring out their creativity and teach them to express themselves through movement, but most importantly we want all students to enjoy this experience.