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Nicola Kelleher

Coming from a family of swimming teachers, I grew up around a pool and thus it was pretty inevitable I became a swimming teacher also. Little did I know then that I would make a career out of it. I have been a swimming teacher for more years than I would like to admit and despite small breaks away for university where I studied Sport Health Exercise and Nutrition and then some time away travelling Ive always find my way back to the pool.

Over the years I have taught in many different areas, from the small family business, the busy local authority to a moderate special needs school. Exposure to such a wide range of abilities has enabled me to become adaptable to each learners needs. Further, such experience has helped me master the most effective way of breaking down and communicating instructions to support stroke progression.

I enjoy the interaction with the little personalities that come my way – fearful or confident, beginner or advanced - my aim is to ensure that each child has a positive experience. I excel at building a rapport with children, achieving discipline alongside mutual respect so that the process of learning a very necessary skill is enjoyable. This is achieved by recognising their hard work during the session with positive feedback and games that support their learning. I believe that this is an important factor in their successful progression through the swimming program.

For me swimming is an essential life skill but it is also a lifestyle that can open up so many opportunities for their future.