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Richard Manson

Born in Lagos and growing up around Africa, Rich learnt to swim before he could walk. The youngest of three brothers, he was initially taught by them so as to be the 'Marco', endlessly paddling around with his eyes closed while they fiendishly sat on sun loungers shouting 'Polo'. The pool was their playground and instilled in them a love of the water that remains to this day.

Richard’s first official swimming tuition consisted of a leather belt around his stomach attached to a long pole held by the coach, who would walk up and down the poolside preventing him from spending all the time on the bottom. As Richard improved and grew, swimming became his main sport throughout his schooling, culminating in captaining the swim squad and competing against many established schools and clubs.

Richard has been teaching swimming at The Park Club for over six years and is pleased to say his approach has evolved from those early teaching methods he endured. To become a good swimmer you need neither brawn nor youth, great athleticism nor impressive endurance. Improvement in swimming depends far more on how effectively you work with the water, focusing on fluent movement and proper technique as opposed to churning out endless laps of pulling and kicking.

Whether you swim for fitness, relaxation or speed, Richard’s personal yet professional approach will give you clear step-by-step progressions that will completely transform how you move through the water - above all enjoy every stroke you take.