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Dan White - Managing Director

Patrick White

Daniel Dyason - Group Membership Manager

Pat Fisher - Sports & Activities Manager

Derek Smith - Executive Chef

Terry Rodham - Group Gymnasium Manager

Marcus Phillips - Sales & Marketing Manager

Ashley Belle - Head Swimming Coach

Shane Hurst - Head of Tennis

Hannah Davies - Reception Manager and Senior Duty Manager

Louise Mangaram - Duty Manager

Tina Strahinic - Duty Manager

Ian Cooke - Duty Manager

Julia Afanasjeva - Duty Manager


Dan White - Managing Director

As many of you may know, I took over from my late brother as Managing Director of the Hogarth Group. I would like to assure you that it is the avowed intention of my father and I to continue Patrick-s vision and ensure the successful future of our clubs, as a family business, to eventually pass on to our children.

However, some of you know me and may be a trifle concerned that the somewhat less than smartly dressed builder and cappuccino drinker, prone to disappearing for months on end, is now the MD of your club. In an attempt to allay your, frankly justifiable, fears I shall tell you something of my life.

Patrick was my younger brother and whilst he followed me from Fox Primary to Latymer Upper, he declined to follow me into the Parachute Regiment and onto the building site. Instead, he gained a scholarship to King-s College Cambridge and the ability to describe me as having a peripatetic existence. It was not difficult to see who had the most brains. While Patrick was swotting, I was playing squash at the then Lambton Squash Club, when I wasn-t developing my cultural and social skills in it-s bar. This has left me with a deep affection for the club, but a deficiency in qualifications.

The part-time Army became an important part of my life for the next twenty odd years and recently George and Tony-s plan for world domination has had me scurrying around countries that you don-t often read about in the Travel section of the Sunday Times. I am proud to say I have been shot at, thankfully with a deplorable degree of accuracy, in three different campaigns. Amongst other things, I have kept some very nasty people apart in Bosnia and Afghanistan, and been responsible for training anti-terrorist troops in the Middle East. I also found time for a considerable amount of mountaineering and was lucky (and foolish) enough to become the first British Serviceman to climb to the summit of Everest by the North Ridge, suffering frostbite in somewhat embarrassing circumstances. I am more than aware of the supreme irony that I have escaped with superficial damage and that Patrick should lose his life.

Despite these distractions, I have somehow managed to supervise all our major building works since starting as the world-s weediest hod-carrier in 1979, giving me an in-depth knowledge of all our projects and operations. I believe these experiences will stand me in good stead to lead our staff, who are particularly tremendous, to provide the best possible health club for your enjoyment.


Patrick J.T. White MA (Cantab.) MILAM

CEO 15 September 1965 - 7 August 2004

I am a firmly west London chap, arising from Notting Hill and initially tutored in the then-dismal Fox Primary School, subsequently being sentenced to a ten year term of enlightenment at Latymer Upper School in King Street. From there I was awarded a scholarship to King-s College, Cambridge, doubtless through some administrative error. I studied English Literature, punting and claret, excelling in two of these subjects. Somehow, and I dimly recall the involvement of an expertly guided punt and a bottle of Beychevelle 1966, I ended up agreeing to go to a series of interviews with City consultancies.

This culminated in a tour of the square mile that lasted until 1991, involving The LEK Partnership and Hambros Bank. I joined The Hogarth Group in that year and there met a gorgeous Australian chef, becoming both married and CEO in 1994. This completed the business family of my father Colin, the Chairman, and my brother Dan, whose life is of a more peripatetic variety. In 1996 we began to explore the possibility of creating a third Club along family lines. This was imperative because of the rising and unsatisfied demand for childcare in the club environment, but more because I was about to become a father. This has since become a habit. I am kept firmly in line by my wife and two daughters and seek solace in the sublimity of my young son.


Daniel Dyason - Group Membership Manager

I first started working for The Hogarth Group in the summer of 2002. I enjoyed working in the Bar & Restaurant at The Park Club before progressing to Reception, Duty Management and then Membership at each of our Clubs.

It has been truly amazing to be a part of so many members- lives over the years. Both The Park Club and The Hogarth are very individual in their own way and I consider myself very lucky to have met so many interesting people.

Apart from advising membership options, I especially enjoy streamlining systems and problem solving IT challenges. I love the -Live Music- events, and DJ whenever I get the opportunity.

There is something very special about working for a family run business and it is important to me to pass this on to our members.


Pat Fisher - Sports & Activities Manager

I have always been a keen enthusiast when it comes to keeping fit. From the age of 12 I was competing at both Borough and County level in cross country, winning the Hounslow Borough schools cross country aged 14.

I have always played and enjoyed many different sports including football and rugby and completed my last London Marathon in 2001 (3hours 30mins). This year I-m taking on the challenge of a marathon again and will run the Brighton one in a few short months. I-m even hoping to beat my previous time-watch this space!

I earned a joint honours degree in Sports Science and Sociology and was particularly interested in researching social inequalities within the sporting world.

I joined The Park Club team back in 2003 and have been a valuable member of the management team ever since. My role as Sports and Activities Manager is varied and keeps me on my toes. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in coaching across several different sports including, Football, Tennis and Cricket and am an FA qualified football coach.

Derek Smith - Executive Chef

I joined The Park Club in Jan 2002 after a long and varied career, being chained to various stoves along the way. I arrived from the Belgo Restaurants group, having worked in all their London restaurants including 18 month stints as Head Chef in the Ladbroke Grove and Camden Branches. My passion for food was instilled into me from an early age, with my father and older brother both being chefs.

At around 14 I had an urge that I would have to better them both. I quickly went into training on leaving school and left after two years with a shiny diploma, having topped the class with the only distinction for cooking. My career path was then wide and varied: classical Italian restaurants; riverside French restaurants; hotels; even working for the Thai Royal family. However coming to The Park Club has been the biggest challenge so far. It-s such a wide, varied and enjoyable role. Ladies- lunches, kids- corner madness, Golden Jubilee buffets for a thousand, snack food for 3,300 at the fireworks, comedy nights and summer barbecues to name a few. If you have any feedback on the products, menus and services we offer in the bar & restaurant please drop me a line at


Terry Rodham - Group Gymnasium Manager

I first walked through the front doors of the Hogarth way back in 1989 after returning from College in Chicago - oh how things have changed!

I started as a part time instructor and am now the Groups Health and Fitness Manager and I absolutely love what I do. I work with a fantastic team of people every day and count myself very lucky.

My passion in life is helping others and I really enjoy helping people to achieve their goals, however big or small they may be. My role is to help and guide people along that path.

Hard work = Rewards and success!


Ashley Belle - Head Swimming Coach


Shane Hurst - Head of Tennis

Shane is an incredibly experienced Tennis player with a wide knowledge of the game, garnered from playing with the best whilst travelling through America, Germany and Portugal. Shane has played and beaten some of the best players the world has to offer including Lleyton Hewitt, Bob Bryan, James Blake & Mike Bryan, all of whom have been ranked highly in the world.

Shane also has a wealth of coaching experience. He teaches a wide range of players from first timers to the very best in the game. He has played & coached with John McEnroe, Pat Rafter and John Newcombe to name but a few.


Hannah Davies - Reception Manager and Senior Duty Manager

I started work at the Park Club in 2004 as a part-time lifeguard while studying at college. After completing my studies I took a well deserved gap year, working full time at Reception on and off for a year. Once my gap year was up I started my Sport Science degree at St Mary-s College in Twickenham and while studying so close to The Park Club I continued working part time at reception and was later promoted to Reception Supervisor and a Duty Manager.

When I had almost completed my degree a vacancy for the Reception Manager position became available and although I was in the middle of completing my disertation at the time, the opportunity of promotion to Reception Manager could not be missed. Since then I have, as well as running the reception department, taken on a few extra responsibilities such as event management and the running of the car park commissionaire department.


Louise Mangaram - Reception Supervisor and Duty Manager

I am one of the long standing members of the reception team & am knowledgeable on most Club matters. On reception we do get all kinds of questions & requests.

Since starting as a receptionist I have been promoted to Reception Supervisor and Duty Manager. You will always find me around front of house.


Tina Strahinic - Membership assistant and Duty Manager

I started working at The Park Club in July 2015 as a membership assistant and duty manager. After living in London for two years and working in several different industries such as fashion and customer service I was searching for a role that I would enjoy and see myself doing long term. I have found The Park Club to be just it. I am extremely happy to be a part of an amazing team led by membership manager Daniel Dyason. We are trying our best to keep our existing members happy and offer quality customer service in regards to their membership with The Park Club.


Ian Cooke - Membership and Duty Manager

I began my time with the club back in early 2012. I was a part of Derek Smith-s hard working Caf- and Bar team. After some time there I became one of the Duty Managers of the club.

It got me out from behind the bar and allowed me to get to know a lot more aspects of the club and our members. It was then a natural progression for me to move over to the Membership department where I again further developed my knowledge of the club.

I-ve discovered a natural enjoyment for working through the finer details of everything in the running of The Park Club as well as dealing with members on a very in-depth level. We have a very strong team over in Membership and we strive to ensure we provide the best possible service to all members.


Julia Afanasjeva - Reception and Duty Manager

I have been working at The Park Club since April this year. Coming from a background in hospitality, I am enjoying my new position as receptionist and Duty Manager at the club. My main goal is always developing my knowledge. My role brings new challenges & skills. It is amazing to be part of The Park Club.



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