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Cookie Girl chronicles continue

When I was invited on a girls holiday to Mexico it sounded like a dream come true. But also beyond my wildest dreams. How on earth could I justify leaving my 3yr old and 5yr old with my husband (also known as Dream Guy) while I went away for some serious rest and relaxation? Heaven knows I could do with the rest. I felt like it had been years since I had got a proper night sleep.

 To my amazement hubby thought it was a brilliant idea and that I should definitely go. It still seemed a little bit unrealistic. Could I really blow that much money on a holiday by myself? 

It was a special ocassion. Becky was turning 40. 10 yrs ago we had all flown to New York to celebrate her 30th with a shopping and cocktails, sex & the city style long weekend. It was when there were 2 dollars to a pound and we hit the shops hard. Anthrapologie didn’t know what had hit it! But that was pre the little ones where I didn’t have parental guilt about every penny spent on myself. 

I told Becky that I would do my best to come but couldn’t make any promises. As the date got nearer I was under pressure to commit. Then DG had an unexpected windfall. A payment for residuals on a Dodgy (the band, not the type of song) song he had played on years ago. He booked the flight for me and then presented me with the ticket. I was thrilled. I had no need to feel guilty as the decision had been taken out of my hands. I was going for a child free week to Tulumn. Staying on the beach, child free in a villa with maid service!

Arriving there felt surreal. It was more than 10yrs since I was last there. The heat was intense and the colours vibrant. I felt an immediate sense of calm. I had no one to think about and nothing to do for a full week. There were three books in my suitcase and I planned to read them all!

The villa was fantastic with a view of the sea and our own private beach. We had a pool and sun loungers and for the first days we indulged and didn’t leave them. 

When we did venture out we found a glorious Cenote where we went snorkelling in crystal clear, freshwater. The light refracted in shards through underwater caves and caverns. It was like being on another magical planet. The deep sea divers lurking up out of nowhere beneath us like strange alien creatures. The light from their torches giving momentarily access to views of whole other under water corridors. 

The ruins were fascinating with spectacular views over crystal clear waters inviting us in. We walked down to that beach and were amazed by it’s beauty. Powder white sand leading down to cascading waves of azure blue. To choppy to swim in but perfect for bobbing around in, laughing hysterically as we got thrown around wave after wave. Applauding each other for catching one and literally body boarding it all the way to shore.

The palms swayed gently to their own rythym as we ate fish tacos and guacamole. Drinking the obligatory Sol (the lemonade of the beer world).

Unlike the other girls holidays I’ve been on, which have been mainly hens in Ibiza, this was not a party holiday. The emphasis was very much on health and well being. I managed to do half an hr yoga a day on the beach. Luckily I have been going to Karens fantastic yoga class at The Park Club for long enough now to know the routine off by heart. The great thing about her Vinyassa flow is that it has cardio benefits as well as all the other positive effects of regular yoga. This ensured that despite a fair few nights of Margarita inspired retro dancing to Saturday Night Fever (yes, those dance moves!). And pretending we were in a mosh pit at a goth gig. We finished the week feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. Child free even the flight home was a breeze. I could watch a movie in peace and even managed a few hours sleep.

When I got home much to my amazement I received a hero welcome. The kids couldn’t have been happier and didn’t give me the hard time I was expecting as pay back. I gave DG a huge hug and thanked him profusely for allowing me that much needed time out. ‘Hey, that’s the least I could do. Considering everything you’ve gone through to have our kids’. I gave him a kiss and realised that for the first time in 5yrs I wasn’t tired.