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Indulge in one of the best swimming pools in West London and relax in and around our range of swimming facilities, including a selection of indoor pools, spa pool and 25 metre heated outdoor swimming pool and wooden lounge area; heated all year at 30 degrees, and ideal for year round enjoyment.

Our outdoor swimming pool in leafy West London, is designed to help you be serious about swimming fitness, as well as encourage you to relax and get out of the city. Our modern gym is complemented by an indoor pool designed to be enjoyed year-round, with a level depth and 18 metres in length, as well as a designated split-level rehabilitation pool. We also offer a dynamic swimming programme available for adults and children aged four months and up to fifteen years, with both private and group classes designed to develop skills and progress adventurous swimmers to the next level.

The main indoor pool is 18 metres long and level depth, with a smaller split level rehabilitation pool. These pools provide the perfect balance for training, aqua aerobics and relaxation.

The outdoor pool is 25 metres in length and is heated to 30 degrees all year round. In the Summer the outdoor pool is serviced by Harry’s bar, which alongside the acre or so of sunbathing area provides a resort-like feel to club life. In the cooler seasons, steam merrily rises off the outdoor pool, morning, noon and night. The outdoor pool provides the perfect balance for training, as well as a wonderfully relaxing place that allows you to wile away the stresses of the day.

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