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"Fit Not Hit" Boxing Camp

Fit Not Hit Boxing Camp  

This February the 20th will see the start of my 5 week boxing camps, I will devote 100% of my attention to you! All I ask is for you to remain committed and dedicated throughout. 

This camp is designed for you to achieve maximum results within 5 weeks!  

Specialist Training areas -

Boxing fitness circuits, Strength and conditioning 

DMS footwork, balance and technique 

Bag, Focus Pad combinations and defense skills 

Fat loss, Muscle gain and nutrition plan  

Price packages: 

10 x 60min training sessions - £450 (£45 each) designed around 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks in total. These sessions can either be taken as 3 options: 

1-2-1: 10 x individual Boxing Camp sessions  

Train with a friend: 10 x duo Boxing Camp sessions. Split the cost with a friend and share the fun! 

Group Camp: small group of 4 people in each of the 10 x Boxing Camp sessions. 


Sessions for all packages must be booked as a block and completed within the 5 weeks period as this is designed to be the ultimate get in shape fast! 

An initial consultation / medical is a must before any form of training!

A body analysis to to taken from the start of camp and to then be done again at the end of the camp to see the differences! 

I will provide a diet plan for you to follow, all clients will also be given a fitness program to follow for 2 days on top of the camp per week. 

This is to do on your own for the extra push! 

In summary: 

2 with me, 2 yourself, 4 sessions to complete, every week - for 5 weeks! 

Goal is to loose half a stone!  

Camp to start from the 20th February 

Days: Tuesday/Thursday evenings at 6pm


Saturday/Sunday mornings at 9am

Contact information: 

07875058442 or email