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The Running School Update

The Running School has been helping people move and run better for the past 14 years, specialising in movement re-education, running technique and speed.


TRS Rehab

Rehabilitation is one of the areas we specialise in, so if you have an injury, suffer from back or neck pain, The Running School can help. Using our designated rehabilitation centre, our staff will guide you through a range of unique and specialised protocols to get you to a level that will exceed your expectations. We offer supervised and specific rehabilitation sessions to ensure optimal recovery and reduced risk of re-injury.

Working in conjunction with your physiotherapist, we provide the best continuity of treatment and will progressively help you regain motor and neuromuscular control, improve your neuromuscular coordination and strength, and your range of motion.

In short, whatever the injury, The Running School will help you get back to what you want to get back to.

Current Offers

TRS Badge

Since our recent move, we have settled in quickly and already feel part of The Park Club family; so much so that we have an exclusive deal for Park Club members, offering an extra session when purchasing a block of running, speed or rehabilitation sessions.

Additionally, we are currently offering a free 30-minute biomechanical analysis to new clients who have finished either the Brighton, Paris or London marathon in 2015. So if it was your first marathon and have caught the bug or if you feel that you need that extra bit of guidance through your next marathon, give us a call! This 30-minute session will highlight any inefficiencies using video analysis and your running coach will talk you through how we can help.

This is a May offer only, so let friends, family and colleagues know so they don’t miss out; it’s only available at The Running School at The Park Club. Non-members are also welcome.

The Running School for Kids

TRS for Kids

Another specialty for The Running School is our coaching for children; we work with the ages of 8 upwards and find kids make excellent progress in just 6 sessions. We are able to achieve this using a mix of running, Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS), balance work and, outside drills when the weather permits.

Our coaching helps children with their general movement, sports skills and even concentration in the classroom.

If you want to find out more, just pop in and chat with us; we’re based in the main gym area. Alternatively you can call 020 8743 6047 or email